Practice Patience

patience“Patience is having something to do while you wait.”

That’s one of my favorite sayings. Unfortunately I have no idea where it came from or where I heard it. I’d love to thank whoever told me. Lot of wisdom there.

Whenever I go somewhere I know is going to take a while, I bring a book or one of (so I’ve been told) my way too many electronic reading devices.

There, of course, is more to practicing patience than that. Patience isn’t a feeling. It’s really a choice.

It’s a choice to accept that people are imperfect.

· Others will not show up on time (or not at all) and you will be disappointed.

· Friends, employees, loved ones, even unloved ones will operate in life at a different speed than you do and it will be frustrating.

· Children, spouses, boyfriends and girlfriends will follow their own values and not yours and you may feel angry and upset.

Patience is a choice to accept that as perfect as you are (and I really mean that) there will be times when you fail yourself. Your own imperfections in behavior, memory, strength, attention will not always work as well as you’d like them to work. Your mind will catch you off guard and lead you down dark paths, in directions away from your values.

And still, with others, with yourself, with the systems and institutions of the world, you can choose to practice patience.

It will not be easy. And at this you will fail as well – at times. This doesn’t make you a bad person. It means you are human.

What then? Then you return to practicing patience.

No one said it was easy!

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